Investor Relations

Handling Complaints

Rules for the presentation and consideration of customer requests
On the procedure for handling complaints, appeals and statements of clients

The Bank is ready to help its Clients in any situation to solve the problems. You can submit an appeal (Request / Complaint / Claim) by:

Visiting the Bank in person at the address: Moscow, st. Zvenigorodskaya 2nd, 13, bldg. 42;
Sending mail to the post address : 123022, Moscow, st. Zvenigorodskaya 2nd, 13, bldg. 42, JSC DenizBank Moscow;
By sending by e-mail to the Bank's address:
By sending it to the personal working e-mail address of the Bank employee;
By sending a message through the "Client-Bank" system.
The Bank will consider the submitted Applications promptly and free of charge, observing the principles of objectivity, efficiency and fairness.
The Bank considers the submitted complaints in the manner and timeframe determined by the Rules for Submitting and Considering Client Applications of DenizBank Moscow JSC.