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The rules for keeping the Register of the registered securities owners


Sberbank of Russia is the largest credit institution in Russia and the CIS, accounting for more than a quarter of the aggregate Russian banking assets and banking capital. Established in 1841, Sberbank of Russia has grown into a universal bank with diversified businesses. Sberbank is the biggest taker of deposits in the country and the key lender to the national economy. Attracting funds from private clients and ensuring their security is the core of Sberbank’s business, while developing mutually beneficial relations with depositors is the key to its successful operation. Approximately one half of all deposits kept with Russian banks have has been entrusted to Sberbank. Sberbank’s credit portfolio includes almost one third of all loans granted in the country.

Sberbank has a unique countrywide branch network with 17 regional head offices and about 19,000 retail outlets. Sberbank continuously develops trade and export financing and the plans to generate about 5% of net income outside Russia by 2014. Sberbank operates subsidiary banks in Kazakhstan and Ukraine and Belarus. Under its Development Strategy 2014, Sberbank of Russia extended its international presence, having opened a representative office in Germany and China, and a branch in India. In February 2012, the Bank acquired Volksbank International Group with branches in nine countries of Central and Eastern Europe. In September 2012, Sberbank closed a deal with Dexia to purchase 99.85% of shares in Turkish DenizBank.

At the end of 2011 Sberbank signed an agreement to establish a joint bank on the lending market at points of sale with Cetelem (BNP Paribas Group) and closed a transaction to acquire SLB Commercial Bank AG shares. In January 2012, the Bank completed its merger with Troika Dialog, a major Russian investment company.

In recent years the Bank has been pursuing maximum customer focus as its core objective. Having started with cancellation of lunch breaks at its offices, the Bank has recently done much work to make it more customer-focused. It has considerable extended its network of ATMs and payment terminals, improved the functionality of its online bank that enable its clients to manage their accounts independently from their homes or with the help of a smartphone. Since then Bank started to implement its Strategy (October 2008), the share of transactions through remote channel by 2014 increased from 37% to 70%. The Bank’s team makes considerable efforts to establish and develop new partner centers that will make it possible for every client to hear an operator responding already in 30 seconds, which is current average waiting time.

New products and services developed with due regard for specific needs of certain client segments have been launched e.g. “youth offer”. Client service models are gradually changing, which change takes into consideration the requirement of homogeneous groups of clients (VIP clients, mass high-yield segment). A large-scale reformatting program has been launched to give a fresh look to Bank’s offices and to shift to new customer service techniques. By the end of 2012, 2700th office in new format will be opened, while this program will affect 7,700 points of sale by 2015.

To improve its service, Sberbank strives to identify and understand clients' needs for financial services. For this purpose, new CRM systems have been actively implemented in the corporate and retail units (in the corporate unit it already covers more than 250,000 clients). These IT systems are used for maintaining a history of relations between a client and the bank, establish and improve business procedures, as well as for subsequent performance assessment.

To reduce the time for review of credit applications, Sberbank has introduced a scoring technology called “Credit Factory”, and today it actually takes only one day for Sberbank to give retail loans (except for mortgage loans). Sberbank has launched a new product for opening a business – Business Start loan, and has also introduced Military Mortgage, a product aimed to provide Russian military men with affordable and comfortable accommodation.

Much work is also being done inside the Bank; this includes, first of all, centralization of the operations function and upgrade of IT. In 2011 Sberbank opened Europe's largest data processing center that is the first computerized archive and logistic center in Russia. As of today, 10 customer operation support centers have been opened, and a program for creation of regional service center have been approved. Changes are closely connected with the new corporate philosophy and technology – Sberbank’s production system (SPS). SPS is a set of guidelines and tools aimed at continuous improvement of business processes, reduction of costs and enhancement of client service. The cumulative financial effect from SPS has already reached RUB 30 billion. Sberbank pays special attention to the development of HR activities: a personnel assessment and training system was implemented, and a system of corporate training in cooperation with the world’s leading business schools is under way, and unique social program are being implemented.