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Message from the Chairman

We increased our recognition in Russia…

Dear Shareholders and Customers,

Considered as the driving force behind financial stability, the banking industry plays a critical role in establishing sustainable and balanced growth in our country which is taking confident steps to become one of the top 10 economies of the world. Being one of the leading actors of our industry, we have shaped our activities with the mission to add value to our customers’ lives, the sectors we work with and the bright future of our country to a large extent.

Today, with our employees approaching 14 thousand, we are truly delighted to have become the 5th largest private bank of the country in terms of consolidated assets, from a bank with no branches, employees and customers in just 22 years, which can be considered very short for our industry. Our stable growth policy, employment we created in our industry, commercial achievements as well as the added value we provide to our social stakeholders and most importantly, more than 12 million customers, who never left us alone, played an significant role in this bright picture that we all witness.

In today’s increasingly digital and mobile world where everything is connected, we believe that sky is the limit for technology and design our activities in line with our innovation oriented approach. Putting great importance on big data and placing phygital strategy at the heart of our operations to connect our consumer's online and offline experiences, we have actualized the Data Science Training Programme at our bank with the purpose to offer our customers the right products and services at the right time and reach more efficient results. Within the scope of this project, which is a first in the sector in terms of the size of the team and the contents of the programme, our colleagues with a profession in both banking and data science will create synergy with all our business lines in order to build better customer experience.

As an institution that has been awarded as “The Most Innovative Bank of the Year” in the U.S. in 2014 & 2016 as well as in Europe in 2015, with technology and innovation incorporated in our DNA, we will dedicate our efforts to take the sector to a new age by focusing on data science approach.

We consider our financial operations as our social responsibility

On the other hand, the sole purpose of our financial activities is to serve Turkey and support projects that will strengthen our country’s future as an integral part of our social responsibility approach. Our presence in projects such as the Third Bosporus Bridge, the Third Istanbul Airport, TAV Bodrum Airport and Ilýsu Dam as well as public-private sector partnership city hospitals, which are vitally important for sustainable development, is a reflection of the approach we adopted. Furthermore, it is of great importance to us to provide financial support to sectors such as education, health, energy, infrastructure, tourism, shipping, agriculture, SMEs, municipalities and sports clubs which have strategic significance in the future of Turkey. Thanks to these investments we are able to channel funds to SMEs, the backbone of our economy, and we work hard to make sure they have better access to funding and their costs are minimised. We are the pioneer bank that provides funding to SMEs with projects realized in scope of Credit Guarantee Fund, Nefes and KOSGEB loans.

As we did from the first day of our establishment, we’ll focus on creating value for each individual and work towards the goal of contributing to the sustainable growth of our society and country in the future.

Hakan ATES