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Frequently Asked Questions

Is DenizBank Moscow a Russian bank?

Denizbank Moscow is a Russian bank with 100% foreign capital. It is fully licensed by the Central Bank of Russia and operates under Russian laws.

What kinds of accounts can be opened? How can I open an account?

All types of individual and corporate bank accounts may be opened at DenizBank Moscow simply by filling in the necessary forms and providing the required documentation. You may also conduct banking transactions that are allowed by Russian laws and regulations with your account. These may include money transfers.

How can my savings earn money at DenizBank Moscow?

We are a member of the Deposit Insurance System. We accept individual or corporate time deposits in rubles or in foreign currency and offer favorable market rates. Moreover, our marketing team would like to assist you with capital market products such as Public or Private Bonds, FX market trade opportunities and all other contemporary products where your investments can grow.

Will my savings be secured by the State Guarantee?

Yes. DenizBank Moscow is a member of the State Deposit Insurance System; this means that the Deposit Insurance Agency, on behalf of the State, will compensate of the deposit amount for a maximum of RUR
1 400 000, in case of our default.

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