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Corporate Governance

Our first and foremost basic aim is to protect all stakeholders and create confidence in them.

The Corporate Governance Statement sets forth the Bank's commitments concerning the arrangement of relations with shareholders and stakeholders and the determination of the duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and the subordinate management levels through its corporate governance concept based on transparency, equality, responsibility and accountability.

Risk Management Principles known as Basel II are the guiding principles adopted in the Bank's understanding of Corporate Governance.

Extreme care is taken for putting in place and developing mechanisms that conform to Corporate Governance Principles along with the aims detailed below; the first and foremost basic aim is to protect all stakeholders and create confidence in them.

  • Developing a management philosophy aiming to create responsibility and added value and minimizing risk through effective control mechanisms,
  • Building confidence with existing and potential shareholders, customers, employees and the domestic and international markets in general,
  • Continuously increasing the Bank's market value through the contributions of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee,
  • Maintaining high employee motivation in order to provide services that will increase customer satisfaction,
  • Enabling the Board of Directors to monitor the Bank's activities effectively through the internal and external audit systems put in place in line with the aforementioned principles,
  • Promoting the forming of all kinds of information platform enabling stakeholders to be informed about the Bank's situation and
  • Taking the utmost care to enable stakeholders to use and protect their contractual and statutory rights.
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